Population and Urbanization

2024/4/21 19:11:41
World total population: 7,822,320,560World rural population: 3,344,114,289World agricultural population: 2,380,269,270World urbanization degree: 57.25%
Africa total population: 1,268,490,345Africa rural population: 600,103,382Africa agricultural population: 590,234,067Africa urbanization degree: 52.69%
Asia total population: 4,985,155,157Asia rural population: 2,493,240,009Asia agricultural population: 1,831,826,496Asia urbanization degree: 49.99%
S America total population: 436,922,181S America rural population: 48,456,507S America agricultural population: 67,335,704S America urbanization degree: 88.91%
N & C America total population: 664,364,582N & C America rural population: 74,148,216N & C America agricultural population: 24,148,572N & C America urbanization degree: 88.84%
Europe total population: 676,136,872Europe rural population: 172,244,234Europe agricultural population: 31,002,628Europe urbanization degree: 74.53%
Source: Zhang WJ. Environment, Development and Sustainablity, 2008, 10: 717-730

Nearly half of human consumption of natural resources was attributed to the population growth and half of that resulted from the improvement of living standards.