Land Uses

2024/4/21 19:12:21
World agricultural land area: 5,350,294,618 ha World arable land area: 1,653,769,579 ha World permanent crops land area: 4,976,238,563 ha
World permanent pasture land area: 3,696,507,215 ha World forest and woodland area: 4,109,037,650 ha World nonarable and nonpermanent land area: 11,413,923,470 ha
World all otder land area: 3,579,767,055 ha Africa agricultural land area: 1,138,259,735 ha Africa arable land area: 238,331,680 ha
Africa permanent crops land area: 32,201,733 ha Africa permanent pasture land area: 899,913,032 ha Africa forest and woodland area: 688,243,378 ha
Africa nonarable and nonpermanent land area: 2,724,237,980 ha Africa all otder land area: 1,140,771,010 ha Asia agricultural land area: 1,796,371,462 ha
Asia arable land area: 604,060,793 ha Asia permanent crops land area: 81,991,255 ha Asia permanent pasture land area: 1,192,287,224 ha
Asia forest and woodland area: 569,047,593 ha Asia nonarable and nonpermanent land area: 2,493,616,767 ha Asia all otder land area: 112,103,144 ha
S America agricultural land area: 730,403,240 ha S America arable land area: 151,673,662 ha S America permanent crops land area: 345,799,697 ha
S America permanent pasture land area: 578,729,577 ha S America forest and woodland area: 930,887,780 ha S America nonarable and nonpermanent land area: 1,601,568,632 ha
S America all otder land area: 77,997,505 ha Source: Zhang WJ et al. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2006, 119:609-620

Over 75% of the earth's terrestrial biomes were altered as a result of human residence and land uses.