Arthropods, 2014, 3(2): 111-119
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Butterfly diversity of Gorewada International Bio-Park, Nagpur, Central India

Kishor G. Patil1, Virendra A. Shende2
1Department of Zoology, Institute of Science, R. T. Marg, Nagpur (M.S.), India
2K. Z. S. Science College, Bramhani-Kalmeshwar, Dist- Nagpur (M.S.), India

Received 11 February 2014;Accepted 15 March 2014;Published online 1 June 2014

Gorewada international bio-park is a good habitat for biodiversity of butterflies. Its geographical location is 21o11'N 79o2'E. Butterfly watching and recording was done in such a way that there should be least one visit in each line transect during a week with the aid of binocular and digital cameras. Total 92 species of butterflies were recorded belonging to 59 genera and 5 families. Out of total 92 butterfly species 48.92%, 38.04% and 13.04% are common, occasional and rare species respectively. Nymphalidae family is consisting of maximum number of genera and species. Maximum species richness reported from July to January and its number decline from late March to last week of June. The present study will encourage the conservation of a wide range of indigenous butterfly species in an area.

Keywords butterfly;Lepidoptera;biodiversity;Gorewada.

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