Arthropods, 2023, 12(1): 78-83
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Proctotrupoidea (Hymenoptera) of Turkiye: New records and first checklist for Turkiye

Ilyas Can
Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Biology, Tokat, Turkiye

Received 18 December 2022;Accepted 25 January 2023;Published online 1 February 2023;Published 1 March 2023

This study is based on the material of the superfamily Proctotrupoidea collected from Samsun province in the northern part of Turkiye from April to October 2022 and also on literature data. In addition to the six known species, Helorus ruficornis (Foerster, 1956), Exallonyx crenicornis (Nees, 1934), Phaenoserphus viator (Haliday, 1839) and genus Phaenoserphus Kieffer, 1908 were recorded for the first time from Turkiye. With this study, the second record of Proctotrupes gravidator (Linnaeus, 1758) from Samsun, previously only given from Denizli province, was confirmed. For each species, its chorotype was reported. This study also provided the first checklist of Turkiye for Proctotrupoidea fauna.

Keywords Hymenoptera;Proctotrupoidea;Heloridae;Proctotrupidae;new records;checklist.

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