Arthropods, 2023, 12(3): 128-140
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Morphology of the thoracic integument and appendages of adult Deudorix isocrates (Fab.)(Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

Ravindrakumar Dashrathrao Patil
Department of Zoology, Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's K.T.H.M. College, Gangapur Road, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Received 17 February 2023;Accepted 25 March 2023;Published online 5 April 2023;Published 1 September 2023

Deudorix isocrates (Fab.) is a serious pest of pomegranate causing remarkable economic loss and reported from most of the pomegranate growing countries. This pest is not morphologically studied in detail. The present study describes morphology of adult thorax on the basis of general and light microscopic observations. The thoracic integument of terga, pleura and sterna is subdivided in to various areas and sclerites due to different sutures. The prothoracic tergum has median bridge, anterior and posterior pronotal sclerite with their species specific shapes while from mesothoracic and metathoracic terga each one is divided in to prescutum, scutum and scutellum due to prescutum and scutoscutellar sutures. The integument of thoracic pleuron bears double basalare and subalare pleurites in dorsal membranous part while the pleural and precoxal sutures divide the ventral sclerotized part in to preepisternum, preepimeron. The anepisternum is disappeared in both the meso and metathoracic pleuron. The thoracic sterna shows basisternum, furcasternum, spina sternum and midventral suture with characteristic shapes and segment wise arrangement from prothorax to the posterior border of metathoracic sternum. The wings have species specific features of type and pattern of scales offer distinguishing characters for perfect identification of this pest, sexual dimorphism and classification of lycaenids. The reduced, single segmented tarsus without pretarsus of male prothoracic leg serves as sexual dimorphic feature in this species. Results of the present study add morphological understanding of adult thorax which is useful in further studies in endoskeleton anatomy, taxonomy and pest management.

Keywords Deudorix isocrates;pest;thoracic integument;thoracic appendage;morphology.

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