Computational Ecology and Software, 2014, 4(4): 215-222
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Siplab, a spatial individual-based plant modelling system

Oscar Garcia
University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9, Canada

Received 4 September 2014;Accepted 10 October 2014;Published online 1 December 2014

Spatially-explicit individual-based models are important tools in forestry and plant ecology. They are commonly implemented through custom computer coding that is time-consuming, may cause compatibility and availability problems, and makes difficult the evaluation, comparison and re-use of model components. Siplab is an R package that aims at improving this situation with a flexible computing environment that can handle a variety of model forms, and without requiring advanced programming knowledge. The article briefly reviews spatial individual-plant models, and then explains the general framework used by siplab to represent such models in a unified way. The structure and practical use of the package are introduced through some of the examples previously discussed.

Keywords competition;growth;forestry;plant ecology;simulation;R;individual-tree models.

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