Computational Ecology and Software, 2015, 5(1): 77-112
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Semantics of the maturity model for feature oriented domain analysis

M. Javed1, M. Naeem1, H. A. Wahab2
1Department of Information Technology, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan
2Department of Mathematics, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan

Received 6 July 2014;Accepted 10 August 2014;Published online 1 March 2015

Assessing the quality of a model has always been a challenge for researchers in academia and industry. The quality of a feature model is a prime factor in software development because it is used in the development of products. This paper elaborates on our previous work where, we have motivated the need of the maturity model along with the description of such model for feature oriented domain analysis. Here, we provide the semantics of such maturity model. Furthermore, in this extended version, we present an algorithmic technique for the detection of quality level for a given feature model.

Keywords quality of feature models;maturity model;errors;inconsistencies;dead features;invalid feature model.

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