Computational Ecology and Software, 2017, 7(1): 28-37
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An approximate solution for a generalized Hirota-Satsom coupled (Kdv) equation

H.A. Wahab1, Rafi Ullah1, Saira Bhatti2, M. Shahzad1, M. Naeem3, Fawad Hussain4, Sarfraz Ahmad4
1Department of Mathematics, Hazara University, Manshera, Pakistan
2Department of Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Abbottabad, Pakistan
3Department of IT, AUST, Abbottabad, Pakistan
4Department of Mathematics, AUST, Abbottabad, Pakistan

Received 22 November 2016;Accepted 26 December 2016;Published 1 March 2017

In this paper the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM), is applied to find the approximate solution of Hirota-Satsuma coupled (KdV) equations, which don't need a small parameter for solution. The results obtained by HAM is compared with exact solution, the results divulge that the Homotopy Analysis Method are most accurate, closed and suitable to exact solution of the equation, as compare to Homotopy Perturbation Method. It is predicated that the HAM can be found usually.

Keywords Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM);non-linear systems of KdV equations.

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