Computational Ecology and Software, 2017, 7(2): 49-64
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Site selection of wind power plant using multi-criteria decision-making methods in GIS: A case study

E. Chamanehpour, Ahmadizadeh, Akbarpour
University of Birjand,Birjand, Iran

Received 21 January 2017;Accepted 28 February 2017;Published 1 June 2017

Wind energy due to abundance, minimal environmental pollution and high cost-effectiveness are considered as one of the best clean energies. One of the most important issues in the use of wind energy is the correct layout of suitable extraction locations of wind energy to generate electricity. The suitablesite selection to establish wind power plants based on the principles and criteria of a sustainable environmental advancement which in addition to cost-effectiveness and employment generation results in a cheap and inexhaustible energy source besides providing the basic information to attract domestic as well as foreign investments to use the wind energy. In the present study, 16 information layer consisting of: wind speed, temperature, altitude, slope, towns, villages, main and secondary routes, airport, protected areas, land use, rivers, wells, springs and aqueducts, earthquake acceleration and faults was considered as the basic decision-making criteria. Using multi-criteria decision-making methods in GIS environment viz. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Fuzzy methods, modelling of the suitable extraction sites of wind energy was carried out. The results exhibited that the best regions that can be nestled in the excellent class include Zirkouh of Ghaen, east of Darmian, east of Sarbishe, north of Khoosf and east of Deyhouk. Considering the calculations of the present study, from the total case study area, 3.3% in AHP method and 4.5% in Fuzzy method had excellent potential to use wind energy. Finally, the area located in the north-west of Khoosf was proposed as the best area to establish the wind power plant.

Keywords South Khorasan;exploitation of wind energy;site selection.

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