Computational Ecology and Software, 2017, 7(4): 179-187
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Application of DSSAT crop model for wheat crop growth simulation in some wheat growing districts of northern India

Anima Biswal, Bhabhana Sahay, KV Ramana, MVR Sesha Sai
Agricultural Sciences Application Group, RSAA, National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad 500037, India

Received 4q February 2017;Accepted 15 March 2017;Published 1 December 2017

Process based Crop growth simulation models are being used as a potential decision support tool for informed decision making by policy makers and researchers. Calibration and validation of a crop growth simulation model is the fundamental process before applying the model projections to a new location. CERES crop growth simulation model has been used by a number of researchers worldwide to simulate wheat growth. This study is undertaken to calibrate and validate CERES model on DSSAT (Decision Support System for Agro Technology Transfer) platform for six predominantly wheat growing districts of Northern India.

Keywords crop simulation model;DSSAT;CERES;phenology;leaf area index.

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