Computational Ecology and Software, 2020, 10(4): 186-199
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The fuzzification of mathematical matrix in the environmental impact assessment of steel industry, Ghayen, Iran

J. Dawoudian, Sr. Ahmadizadeh
Environmental Science, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran

Received 5 July 2020;Accepted 10 August 2020;Published 1 December 2020

Ghayenat steel complex is located in South Khorasan province near the Nimbolook city. In this research, the interactions between basic and supplementary criteria are evaluated using a mathematical matrix. The results of the meaningful impact are divided into four categories: low, middle, high, and very high. In this research, the effects of synergism and disagreement among experts are used as quantitative factors affecting environmental impacts in matrix calculations. The results of the mathematical matrix are fuzzyficated using a minimal operator in a triangular diagram. By including the compensating factor, the results of the mathematical matrix illustrate that only low and middle classes have impacts on the environment. Also, high and very high classes have a small share in the impact. On the other hand, according to the results, most activities are related to the middle and low classes for the basic criteria. Most of the interactions are associated with the low impacts on the supplementary criteria. Fuzzification shows that if the compensating factor is not applied, the highest impacts will be in the middle and high classes. If the compensating factor is applied, 0.73% of the impacts will be in the middle class, and the very large class has a small share. Also, due to the impacts of the compensatory criteria, the project is approved in both ways.

Keywords mathematical matrix;fuzzy;compensatory criteria;Ghayenat steel.

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