Environmental Skeptics and Critics, 2012, 1(2): 30-33
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I think different: Models of climate warming impact on plant species are unrealistic

Alessandro Ferrarini
Department of Evolutionary and Functional Biology, University of Parma, Via G. Saragat 4, I-43100 Parma, Italy

Received 4 March 2012;Accepted 9 April 2012;Published online 5 June 2012

Although studies about climate change impacts on plant species are often published on prestigious journals, in particular when they deal with broad areas and numerous species, in this manuscript I advance my doubts on their methodological robustness and, as a consequence, on their results. In particular I focus my attention on two major drawbacks, i.e. the need for a) nonlinear community-based models instead of species-based ones, and b) for the replacement of the potential niche with the future niche in predictive models.

Keywords biotic interactions;climate change;future niche;plant communities;plant species;system dynamics.

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