Environmental Skeptics and Critics, 2013, 2(1): 20-29
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Spatio-temporal distribution of inhalable and respirable particulate matter in rural atmosphere of Nigeria

T. F. Ediagbonya1, E. E. Ukpebor2, F. E. Okiemien2, G.E. Okungbowa3
1Department of Basic and Industrial Chemistry, College of Natural and Applied Science, Western Delta University, Oghara, Nigeria
2Department of Chemistry, University of Benin, Benin
3Department of Physics, University of Benin, Benin

Received 25 October 2012;Accepted 29 November 2012;Published online 1 March 2013

A complete description of particle pollution of the air at a particular site encompasses the physical characterization of the aerosol, including the total size distribution and that with respect to chemical composition as well as the variation of these quantities with respect to time. The particulate matter in this region was captured at five different locations using SKC Air Check XR 5000 High Volume Gravimetric Sampler and a respirable foam using I.O.M. (Institute of Occupational Medicine) Edinburg Multi dust sampler. The study was done between the months of December 2008 - October 2009. The spatial variations were significant and remarkable. The correlation of the inhalable fraction and respirable was significantly high (P<0.01).

Keywords seasonal variation;respirable particle;inhalable particle.

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