Environmental Skeptics and Critics, 2014, 3(4): 93-96
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Effect of the incorporation of date pits and orange pulp in rations composed of wheat straw and concentrate on the blood biochemical parameters of Ouled Djellal breeding

N. Lakhdara1,2, H. Benazzouz2, H. Bererhi1,2, A. Benattallah2, D. Gherroucha2, O. Bouaziz1,2
1Laboratoire de Gestion de la Sante et Productions Animales-Institut des Sciences Veterinaire, Universite I Constantine, Algeria
2Institut des Sciences Veterinaire, Universite I Constantine, Algeria

Received 22 August 2014;Accepted 26 September 2014;Published online 1 December 2014

Twenty four lambs of Ouled Djellal breeding from the region of Constantine, Algeria, were assigned randomly into 4 groups, the mean initial weights within the groups, ranged between 37.64.27 and 39.85.41 kg, to investigate the effect of the incorporation of two by-products of food industry, fresh orange pulp, ground date pits in rations composed of wheat straw as roughage, and concentrate as supplement. Four feeding groups were formed, the first group (T1) was fed with wheat straw and concentrate (60%/40%), the second group (T2) with wheat straw and orange pulp (60%/40%), for group 3 and 4 (T3-T4), the diet consisted on a mixture of 60% wheat straw and date pits at a ratio of (80 to 20%) as a roughage in addition to 40% orange pulp for T3 and 40% concentrate for T4. Blood samples were collected from the jugular vein before morning feeding. Values of animal's plasma levels of Ca, glucose, proteins and urea were measured using a UV spectrophotometer. There was no significant difference in all the diets for Ca value, Ca values varied between 8.37 and 10.74 mg/Dl. T4 showed the highest value. Glucose blood content was similar for all the animals with no significant differences. While a very significant difference <0.001 was observed in blood proteins level in T3 and T4 comparing to the other groups. When date pits were incorporated in the diet containing wheat straw and concentrate, a very significant difference on urea blood content of lambs was observed (P<0.001).

Keywords Ca;dates pits;glucose;lambs;plasma;proteins;urea.

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