Environmental Skeptics and Critics, 2016, 5(1): 12-19
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Eichhornia crassipes as a potential phytoremediation agent and an important bioresource for Asia Pacific region

Prabhat Kumar Rai, Mayanglambam Muni Singh
Department of Environmental Science, School of Earth Sciences and Natural Resources Management, Mizoram University, Tanhril, Aizawl 796004, Mizoram, India

Received 23 September 2015;Accepted 31 October 2015;Published online 1 March 2016

Eichhornia crassipes is a free floating plant found growing in almost all the aquatic environment of Asia Pacific region. The invasive and infesting nature of this plant disturbed the whole environment wherever if present and has become one of the most problematic environmental concern. The current review discussed the cost-effective and eco-friendly way of utilizing this invasive and infesting plant in a way to incur the daily needs and also help in controlling the negative outcome. Development of the technology and used in accumulation and absorption of the heavy metals and other nutrients under phytoremediation from the aquatic bodies, biofuel and biogas production through fermentation and decomposition, fertilizer production through composting / vermicomposting, production of feeds for animal and many more utilities which are beneficial is discussed in this review. The review paper also deals with this multifaceted utility approach of this plant and their application in management.

Keywords bioresource;phytoremediation;wetlands;invasive;Asia Pacific.

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