Network Biology, 2022, 12(2): 45-63
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Special identity subgraph in genetic code

Birinchi Kumar Boruah, Tazid Ali
Department of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University, Assam 786004, India

Received 1 March 2022;Accepted 12 February 2022;Published 1 June 2022

The genetic code is a series of codons that stores genetic information about protein molecule formation. The identity graph of a group G is a graph in which the vertex set is the set of all elements of the group and two vertices in G are adjacent if a.b = e, where e is the group's identity element. Let H be a subgroup of G then the identity graph drawn for the subgroup H is known as the identity special subgraph of G (special identity subgraph of G). In this study, we looked at the special identity graph in the genetic code algebra. Different measures of centrality have been thoroughly discussed in our current study. Aside from this investigation, research is being conducted on the correlation coefficients between different measures of centrality, as well as the clustering coefficient, degree of distribution, and skewness.

Keywords amino acid;centrality measure;correlation coefficient;clustering coefficient;degree of distribution;genetic code;identity subgraph.

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