Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2020, 10(1): 1-7
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Species composition and distribution of marine foulers along the southeast coast of Tamilnadu, India

Ravi Murugeswari Prasanth, Pandiyan Sureshkumar
CAS in Marine Biology, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Annamalai University, Parangipettai - 608502, Tamil Nadu, India

Received 9 September 2020;Accepted 20 October 2020;Published 1 March 2020

Present study was conducted to assess the diversity of faunal foulers and their distribution along the southeast coast of India. Grab and colonization sampling methods were employed. There were 14 families of faunal foulers with 28 species. Among the families, Bacillaceae constituted 31% and Mytilidae, 10%, Aeromonadaceae, 6% and Archaeobalanidae, 3%. Families numbering eight contributed to the macro faunal fouling community and the others, micro fouling community. According to the IUCN red data book, the observed faunal fouling organisms do not come under any red list category. Another striking feature was that 20% of the recorded species were alien invasive species. This study will be helpful to the policymakers, coastal developers, researchers, fishermen, sea-based industries and government authorities, as the fouling communities pose innumerable problems in the coastal developmental activities.

Keywords faunal diversity;fouling;IUCN list;naturalized species;marine biofouling.

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