Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2022, 12(2): 89-98
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Assessing the effects of wetlands fragmentation and degradation in Silte Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Mohammed Essa1, Solomon Ummer2
1Department of Economics, Werabe University, Werabe, Ethiopia
2Department of Natural Resource Management, Werabe University, Ethiopia

Received 3 January 2022;Accepted 3 March 2022;Published 1 June 2022

Wetlands are one-of-a-kind environments that provide services throughout the year, both in the dry and rainy seasons. They are, nonetheless, the terrain that is most threatened by human activity. As a result, the purpose of this research was to look into the effects of wetland fragmentation in the Silte zone in Southern Ethiopia. The households were chosen at random from a total of 140. The data was examined with descriptive statistics and econometrics model analysis in SPSS version 20 / Stata version 16. The findings reveal that local populations in the research area are aware of the direct benefits of wetlands but are less aware of the indirect benefits. Improper agricultural operations, settlement growth, overgrazing, deforestation, and sand extraction were identified as important factors of wetland degradation in the study. Logistic regression model demonstrated a significant (p < 0.01 or p < 0.05) relationship between deforestation, degradation, settlement, institutional effectiveness, overgrazing, distance from the wetland and population pressure The findings from this study provide significant clues for further research and baseline information for local government and communities in the development of more effective and holistic approaches for reducing wetland degradation in natural ecosystems.In spite of the complexity and multifaceted nature of the problems, however, there is no quick and one-off solution to redress the threats being faced to Mendifa wetland. In order to reverse these emerging problems and conserve these fragile but crucial wetlands, integrated problem solving approach through realizing the collaboration of relevant stakeholders from policy level down to grassroots community is indispensible opportunity to the wetlands.

Keywords determinants;Mendifa;fragmentation;wetland.

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