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The International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IAEES) is a nonprofit and registered international organization. It devotes to promote global ecology and environmental sciences and protect global ecological environments, by publishing scientific publications, conducting research activities, launching environmental programs, disseminating knowledge and technologies, sponsoring conferences, and providing information and discussion spaces, etc.


The IAEES publishes and distributes scientific publications. The publications are peer-reviewed by experienced scientists worldwide to guarantee high-quality.


The IAEES sponsors and manages some societies, like the International Society of Computational Ecology. The societies are either scientific or public interested, with the aim of promoting science or protecting environments.


Ecologists, environmental scientists, and qualified practitioners and students in the world can apply for the membership of the IAEES. Academicians of the IAEES are globally the most contributed scientists and practitioners of knowledge discovery, knowledge dissemination and knowledge application in the areas of ecology, environmental sciences and environmental protection. Academician is the highest honor of IAEES, which is substantially different from membership. They are nominated and recommended by scientists around the world.


The IAEES conferences are sponsored and organized by universities, institutes, and non-government organizations. They are responsible for all activities of the conference.


The IAEES uses all of external donations to launch various programs on environmental protection, knowledge and technologies dissemination, etc. Programs are always sponsored by the IAEES or scientist or students. They are evaluated by ecologists and environmental scientists. Once a program is approved for grant support, it will be supervised strictly for expenses, interim and final outputs during the operation period.


Several IAEES based international awards have been set up to praise distinguished scientists and activitists in ecology and environmental sciences. Winners of these awards are assessed and determined by some of the distinguished scientists.  

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