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IAEES Membership Application

Ecologists, environmental scientists, and qualified practitioners and students in the world can apply for the membership in the IAEES. The membership will be assessed by the membership committee.

It should be noted that membership is not academician/fellowship. Academician/fellowship is the highest honor of IAEES, which is substantially different from membership. Academician/fellowship is based on professional recommendations around the world.

A fee will be charged for the lifetime membership application of the IAEES. The fee is completely used to subsidize the IAEES publications and routine activities. Membership applicant should firstly finish/submit the following application form and submit the same application by IAEES email (office@iaees.org) for assessment. Once the application is initially approved, an email from IAEES office: office@iaees.org, with such subject as "IAEES Membership Application In Process" will be sent to the applicant, and the applicant should pay the following amount of fee to IAEES account (Account information can be found at: http://www.iaees.org/contactus.asp) in a month. IAEES membership will become effective and a membership ID will be sent to the member immediately after IAEES has received the fee.

Academician/fellowship/membership may be cancelled if he/she has seriously violated the scientific rules. However, we will carefully make an indepth investigation before the decision is made.

Developed Countries Developing Countries Least Developed Countries
Scientists etc.US$200US$100US$30
Students etc.US$100US$50US$15

The IAEES offers a host of benefits and activities that members want to explore:
  1. Members are authorized to choose the IAEES (International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences) as his(her) affiliation in any of his(her) articles, books and reports (for both IAEES publications and non-IAEES publications).
  2. In the name of the membership of the IAEES, members can personally do the legal, non-profit, and public interested works that relate to ecology, environmental sciences and environmental protection.
  3. Members are eligible to sponsor and organize the IAEES conference.
The applicants of the IAEES membership is assumed to accept the following terms and conditions:
  1. The member of the IAEES behaves legally and does not infringe the local law when he(she) acts as a member of the IAEES.
  2. The qualified member of the IAEES has the duty to review the articles in publications hosted by the IAEES.

Please fill and submit the following application form, and send the same application to the IAEES office by office@iaees.org.

Detailed address:
Degree, job title, and career (less than 500 words):

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