To be Java-enabled, you can download a free JRE(Java Runtime Environment), like JRE6, from Java download page. And then download this file, unzip it to get the file, java.policy, and copy and past it to the "security" directory of JRE, e.g., C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/lib/security/, to replace the original file, java.policy. If it can't function, just follow the steps: (1) Open the menu "Start" of Windows, click "Programs", find "Java", and click "Set Java" to open Java Control Panel; (2) In the Java Control Panel, click the page "Security"; (3) In the "Exception Site List", double-click the URL that you want to edit in the Exception Site List window, make changes to the URL, and click OK to save the changes. For applets, the URL for the document base of the applet must be in the list. For example, a full URL is "file:///E:/Program Files/java/bin/BoundDetector.html".
The user is suggested to downloading demo data files and saving them for testing the programs. The user may creat data file using Notepad or MS DOS editor or Text Editor. The data file must carry the .txt extension and be space-delimited plain text file. The first of each row in the data file must be a (or several) space(s). Values or numbers are separated by spaces.

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