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International Society of Computational Ecology

Computational Ecology

Due to the complexity, nonlinearity and uncertainty of ecological problems, simple mathematical models or equations are far not enough to address them. As the advance of ecology and computational science, intensive computation is playing an increasingly important role in ecological studies. Various theories and methods based on intensive computation, like artificial neural networks, agent-based modeling, systems simulation, numerical approximation, etc., are increasingly used in ecology. As a result, an ecological discipline, computational ecology, is formally defined (Zhang WJ. Computational Ecology: Artificial Neural Networks and Their Applications. World Scientific, Singapore, 2010) to integrate and synthesize computation intensive areas in ecology.

Research tasks, involved sciences and research areas of computational ecology are defined as the follows:

International Society of Computational Ecology

International Society of Computational Ecology (ISCE) is a non-government and non-profit scientific society. The ISCE devotes to promote the advancement of computational ecology. The ISCE always sponsors conferences and releases publications such as Computational Ecology and Software.


Qualified ecologists, environmental scientists, mathematicians and computational scientists in the world can apply for the membership of the ISCE. A nominal fee is charged for the membership of the ISCE.


The ISCE conferences are sponsored and organized by universities and institutes. They are also responsible for the review process of the papers as well as for the final technical program.


The ISCE releases and distributes publications in particular online journals. The publications are peer-reviewed by experienced scientists worldwide to guarantee high-quality.


Every three or five years, the ISCE and ISNB jointly issue an international award to several excellent computational ecologist(s) and/or network biologist(s) around the world.

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